Pizzelles (Just Like Your Grandmother Used To Make)

The pizzelle is always a curiousity to people. They wonder how such a cookie could possibly be crafted. To an American, pizzelles can be generically described as Italian waffle cookies:

Pizzelle Basket

For all the wonder that surrounds this delight, there is always someone in the crowd who cries out, “Pizzelles! Just like my grandmother used to make (God rest her soul).” Very traditional cookie.

One of the most fun things about these cookies is that, just because they are thin and light (weight-wise), people do not conceptualize them as being fattening food. They are, of course, primarily butter, sugar, and flour, but they just give off a “light” vibe. I make them in anise and chocolate flavors. Sometimes I combine the anise and chocolate recipes for a striped effect. Sometimes I make lemon or orange pizzelles.

For the curious, this is a pizzelle iron, the tool required to make such a cookie:

Pizzelle Iron

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